Wedding Cakes

On your wedding day, you should have a wedding cake that is specially created just for you. No two couples are the same and therefore no two wedding cakes should ever be the same!

Fondant cakes are a popular style of wedding cake. The fondant provides a blank canvas for the wedding cake which means there are endless ways to decorate it. It is easy to create cakes that are modern and clean, and also cakes that are textured and layered!

Fondant cakes go perfect with fresh flowers. This way the cake will match completely to your floral decoration or your wedding bouquet!

Find a small selection of our fondant cakes below.

Our buttercream cakes are made with delicious and silky Italian Meringue. These wedding cakes are incredibly versatile and are wonderful for rustic designs but also clean and modern designs. These wedding cakes and great for those who are not a fan of fondant while still providing a variety of options!

Find a small selection of our buttercream cakes below.

Naked cakes have been a popular trend in wedding cakes. The truly naked cakes offer a very rustic feel while the semi-naked cakes keep a modern touch. These wedding cakes are especially beautiful when topped with fresh fruit or flowers!

Drip cakes are anew trend for wedding cakes. The wedding cakes are topped with a chocolate drip and can be finished off in a variety of ways. These cakes are versatile and can be made modern and colorful, or can be kept pastel to keep a romantic touch!

Find a small selection of our naked and drip cakes below.

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