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One of our biggest reasons for moving into our new bakery was to expand and create a Sweet Catering department.  Because we moved into our bakery in April of last year and headed directly into wedding season, we didn’t have a lot of time to put focus on it.  This year during off-season we made it a goal to focus on our Sweet Catering department and we have been so happy with how our hard work has paid off!  We have created delicious and custom desserts for many companies across Holland and below you can find a few of our favorites!

Bedrijf cupcakesLeidsche Rijn’s 20th Birthday | 3,000 Logoed Mini Cupcakes


Sweet Catering Cake PopsNOC*NSF Sport Gala | 1,000 Hand Rolled Cake Pops


TaartenThe Streetfood Club | 40 Cakes per Week (360 in total!)


Sweet Catering Meringue WreathsThe Streetfood Club | 2100 Meringue Wreaths


Coffee Bean Cake PopsBijdendijk | 250 Hand-Shaped Coffee Bean Cake Pops




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