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With wedding season almost coming to a close, it means catering season has begun!

Since moving to our new (and humongous) space, we have branched out and opened up our Sweet Catering department. One of our intentions of moving to this new space was to make it more professional so we could complete large catering orders during our “off season.” Little did we know that our first real catering order would put our new space to the test!

Sweet Catering - Carrot Muffins

We were asked by our partners at Gooiland to provide desserts for an event they were hosting, Spirit Business Event. While we are very used to making wedding cakes in our new bakery and have the process down to a routine, when you throw in a catering order of almost 2000 items, things get a bit interesting!

Sweet Catering Business & Events

Sweet Catering Business & Events

For the order we were asked to make 570 carrot muffins, 570 slices (68 kilos) of banana bread, and 570 rainbow fruit skewers. While that might not seem like a lot, if you see three full tables covered just in muffins, it might change your mind!

Sweet Catering - Rainbow Skewers

It took a lot of organisation to make sure there was enough space for all of our catering sweets while still having enough room for our usual wedding orders, but we made it work! Our new space (along with an awesome team) was capable of exactly what we built it for and we couldn’t be more excited. Since this order, we have been busy as can be with other catering orders, and we cannot wait to see what catering challenges the future will bring!

Sweet Catering - Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Sweet Catering - Business & Events

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