Order A Sweet Table

Sweet tables are a delicious way to offer your guests something more than just cake! While a wedding cake is generally still the main centerpiece for our sweet tables, the extra sweets create an interactive experience for your guests to enjoy. The best part is that we can base your sweet table around your wedding colors or theme so that it has a cohesive appearance with your wedding!

Below is the average price for our sweet tables. If you would like a wedding cake as the centerpiece for your sweet table you can find our prices here.

Sweet Tables: average price €4,00 per item

You can find our sweet table products listed below. Depending on the category from which you choose your items, the prices can vary. We have a minimum requirement of twenty items in one design and flavor. If there is something you would like that is not listed below, please contact us here for the possibilities!

Serving Suggestions

Cake Served After Ceremony
Slice of Cake
: 1-2 sweets p.p.
No Cake: 3-4 sweets p.p.

Cake Served After Dinner
Slice of Cake
: 2-3 sweets p.p.
No Cake: 4-6 sweets p.p.

Classic Sweets

Cake Pops
Mini Cupcakes

Premium Sweets

Chocolate Chip Cookies