New Year's Resolution: Celebrate Office Birthdays Together

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You will surely recognize it; the email around 10.30am to announce that there is cake in the break room to celebrate Sophie’s birthday (or any other name for that matter).  Two days later a similar email pops up.  This time, two colleagues are celebrating together.  Of course it’s nice to celebrate the birthdays’ of your colleagues but it’s definitely not convenient when the team efficiency goes out the window and of course the result it has on your figure ;-).  I remember from the days I used to have a office job that at some point people are ‘birthday-exhausted’ and just want to continue working.

More and more often Office Managers are organising one day a month for all the colleges celebrating their birthdays in that month. The Office Manager makes sure there are sweets available and that you can chat with your co-workers while the people celebrating their birthdays get their moment in the spotlight. This way a lot more co-workers will actually attend and take the time to celebrate instead of secretly working on their smartphones the entire time.

At WCC (world leader in search and match technology) they introduced the monthly office birthday party last year. Vousia, Office Manager at WCC, is very positive about this new trend: “It’s almost always somebody’s birthday with a team consisting of almost 90 persons. We had the tradition of baking something ourselves. At some point this wasn’t d0-able anymore, it took too much time and the costs got too high for our co-workers. This is why we decided last year to celebrate all the birthdays together once a month on the cost of WCC.”

Last December, Sugarlips Cakes provided the sweets during WCC’s monthly birthday celebration. Different cakes, cake pops, macarons, mini cupcakes and mini cheesecakes were presented at a central table in the office. “Aside from the sweets being beautiful to look at, the taste is absolutely amazing“, says Vousia. “We tested out some patisseries in our neighbourhood during the past year but they don’t come close to the quality of Sugarlips Cakes. If I had to sum it up in one word, divine! I highly recommend them to anybody who looks for something amazing for their (office) celebration.

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Does your office also have a monthly birthday celebration and do you want to make it extra special with the delicious cakes and other sweets from Sugarlips Cakes? Contact us on

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