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With wedding season officially over, November was filled with a lot of networking events, company orders, new projects, and preparing for the Dutch Wedding Awards.

We started off the month with an order that got me really excited, macarons for Michael Kors. At 6pm across Europe all stores would be launching their newest line, and being the owner of three Michael Kors bags myself, it was definitely a favorite order of mine for the year!

Michael Kors Company MacaronsWe also had the amazing opportunity this month to create a custom macaron tower for the launch party of Tete-a-Tete a lifestyle blog founded by Kiki Duren and Hajar Scholten. We created a 200-piece macaron tower with their logo hand-painted on it, and from what we heard the macarons went really fast! It has definitely been a popular few months for macarons!

Tete-a-Tete Company Macarons

With wedding season over, it is that time of year where all of the wedding professional like to get together and enjoy each other’s company. We were excited to be asked by Fleur of Glitter Events to be a part of the Wedding Professionals Event this year and create a cupcake table to feed a lot of hungry professionals. We created a table with 200 cupcakes with some of our favorite flavors; including Carrot Cake with Salted Caramel, and Strawberry Basil. It is always nice to be a part of these events, because you actually get to witness how fast everything disappears!

Wedding Professionals Event Cupcake Table

The biggest accomplishment/surprise of the month was being nominated again for the Dutch Wedding Awards. After being nominated and winning last year, we knew more what to expect, but that didn’t mean the anxiety was any lower on the day of nominations! We were anxiously waiting to see if golden balloons would come through our door, and we were so happy when they did! We were so thankful this year that we were surprised at 9:30 versus last year at 16:30… because I couldn’t imagine waiting until that late again!

Dutch Wedding Awards Nomination 2015

This month we also launched our tutorial website, Sugarlips Sweet Academy. We have long received emails and messages with questions about our recipes and techniques, and we really wanted to find a way to answer them. We decided to launch a company in which we could use our many combined years of experience to help other bakers with step-by-step photo instructions on some of our favorite recipes and techniques. We launched our first tutorial for free, and just in time for Thanksgiving; pumpkin pie!

Sugarlips Sweet Academy Pumpkin Pie Tutorial

We ended off the month with Marieke and me brushing up on our buttercream flower skills. We headed off to Germany to take a workshop from the talented Miso of Miso Bakes. Coincidentally, Miso and I are both from California but ended up meeting all the way in Germany, and after taking the workshop with her I also learned that we went to the same university, and both graduated a year early to pursue culinary school… such a small world. The workshop was absolutely amazing, and it was really fun to learn a new skill. It is definitely something that will require a lot of practice in the next few months, but I am looking forward to seeing how my buttercream flowers evolve!

Miso Bakes Buttercream Flowers Workshop

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