Kika Charity Dinner

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On Saturday, we had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a benefit dinner for Kika, a research foundation for children’s cancer.  The dinner was organised by Luc’s brother, Stef, whose goal was to raise money for Kika and in return get the opportunity to run the New York Marathon.  It was a special evening with food, drinks, an auction, and live entertainment.  A representative for Kika was also there and gave a beautiful speech on Kika’s organisation and the reason why it is so important to raise money for research. Needless to say, we were proud to be a part of it!

For the dinner, we provided a sweet table with some cakes from our Premium Collection.  We also created a cupcake mosaic (which Miriam did a wonderful job on!) with the Kika logo to serve as “friandises” with coffee.  As with every event we are able to attend while our sweets are being served, we are always to happy to see how fast everything disappears!  It never fails to be the most rewarding part of the job 🙂

In the end, with a big heart and with all of his hard work, Stef was able to raise an amazing €8025 to donate to Kika.  He put together a wonderful evening and will be running in the New York Marathon next week!



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