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January has been a really great month for us, and it has been such a good start to the year!

With the New Year, we have been looking to round-out our team with the upcoming wedding season, but never thought we’d be able to get there so fast. We really needed to find the right people to fit with our team, and were really lucky to find them so quickly! We first added Laura at the beginning of the month, a very passionate artist and cake artist, who also happens to be Australian, making our team even more international! Only a few weeks later, we were delighted to meet with Lotte, a young and enthusiastic pastry student, and knew she would be a perfect fit with the team. With a busy wedding season ahead, we are happy to be with such a strong and cohesive team of 5 in the kitchen!

White Wedding Cake with Fresh FlowersButtercream Flower Cake
This month has been full with a lot of fun orders, and SO many tastings! We have had a total of 42 tastings this month (with Luc and Marieke leading the way), and are lucky with the couples we have been receiving. We have had the opportunity to get creative freedom on a lot of our orders this month (which we are very grateful for!) and have also had a lot of orders for cakes from our Sweet Collection! We also had our first three wedding cakes of the year (which is strange to say, but I missed the rush of it all!) and look forward to the many more to come throughout the year!

Corporate Cake PopsCompany Cake Pops

On top of all of those orders, we had one very memorable one for the month… a last-minute order of 1200 cake pops! In instances like this, we were very grateful for our large team, and it was definitely an order in which some teamwork was very effective!

Corporate Cake PopsCompany Cake Pops
All in all, this month was a very refreshing was to start off the year.
It was really exhilarating to get the creative-juices flowing again after our winter holiday, and to be just as excited as before to get back to work and create beautiful and delicious cakes!

Watercolor Buttercream Wedding CakeButtercream & Ganache Birthday Cakes

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