Behind the Scenes | Inside Look | Week 9

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Hey guys! We’ve been asked a LOT in the past five years what a day-in-the-life at Sugarlips Cakes really looks like, so we’ve decided the easiest way to show you would be through videos! This first video is really a trial-run and is a much more extended version of what we plan our future videos to be like, but we just wanted to give you guys (and especially our friends and family) a true peek at what happens in our bakery each week. We hope to bring you guys into our bakery on a regular basis, but it depends on how this first video goes and of course our busy schedule.

We just finished Week 9 at Sugarlips Cakes and in this video you can see most of what happened in our bakery last week. It wasn’t one of our crazy busy weeks but we did have three weddings, a LOT of birthday cakes, plus three gender reveals! To keep it a bit shorter (since the video is extremely long) we decided to cut out Tuesday and Wednesday to show you the more interesting footage.

We hope you enjoy and hopefully you will see us back again soon!

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