Hudson's First Birthday!

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Our little panda turned one last week!

Hudson's First BirthdayAll the clichés of having a baby are true; time flies by, you cannot remember life before them, and you cannot imagine life without them. It is also true that they never do what you expect them to do…

Working with cake every day of our lives, Luc and I wanted to make Hudson a smash cake for his first birthday (we had never given him cake until his birthday!). Though he is an incredibly active and adventurous little guy (we are constantly chasing him down), I had already assumed he wouldn’t do what I was expecting of him when it came to his smash cake. I knew he would be surrounded by a lot of people that he wasn’t super familiar with and that they would all be staring at him the entire day. I expected he wouldn’t smash the cake (which under normal circumstance he would have attacked the thing) but we figured we would try any ways!

Panda Birthday Cake Smash

In the end, he was definitely confused by the mass amount of people staring at him when we put his cake in front of him. But he did go for some panda macarons on the top of his cake and grabbed a small piece of cake out of the side. At some point though, he was just done…

Panda Birthday Cake Smash

We decided to wait a bit for him to calm down and then sat him in his chair to try again. We cut out a slice of cake and placed it on his table and waited to see what he would do…

His reaction was priceless! He took a few pokes at the cake to figure out what it was, and then with both hands grabbed his slice of cake, picked it up, and put it directly in his mouth! It was the best moment of the day and exactly what we had been waiting for.

First Birthday Cake Smash

He sat there for minutes devouring his cake. He was in his own little world and couldn’t care less about all of the distractions around him. His face and hands were an enormous mess and covered in buttercream but he just sat there squishing all of his fingers together trying to figure out why they were sticky (super cute!). He was even sweet enough to share some of his precious cake with his mom and dad; and we were happy to eat it from his sticky little hands!

1st Birthday Cake Smash

1st Birthday Cake Smash

We had so many changes happen in this last year and it all seems like a blur. We are so grateful to have him in our lives and that we get to enjoy moments like this with him. He truly is the sweetest and funniest kid out there and we are lucky to call him ours!

First Birthday Cake Smash


A big thank you to Elisabeth Van Lent for capturing this sweet day for us!


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