Soof 2

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The popular Dutch film Soof 2 is now out in theatres, and we are proud to say that we were a part of it!  We were asked awhile back to provide a wedding cake for the film and we are happy to see it so prominently featured in this trailer.  Make sure you catch the movie while it is still … Read More

Kika Charity Dinner

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On Saturday, we had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a benefit dinner for Kika, a research foundation for children’s cancer.  The dinner was organised by Luc’s brother, Stef, whose goal was to raise money for Kika and in return get the opportunity to run the New York Marathon.  It was a special evening with food, drinks, an auction, and … Read More

C&A Commercial

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C&A is an international Dutch chain of fashion retail clothing store, and we were honoured to be asked to provide a sweet table for the commercial of their children’s Spring clothing line!  You can see the cute results in the video below!