Monthly Sweetness | April 2017

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This month has been full of ups! At the beginning of the month we finally finished building our new studio and were able to get settled into our new space; just in time for wedding season! I am so incredibly happy to be done with the stress of construction work and to be back to baking and making beautiful cakes!

Gold Blush Black Stripped Wedding Cake Unicorn Cupcakes

 We have also finally opened the doors to our beautiful new shop, and the responses have been amazing. We have so many locals coming to visit us and buy sweets, and we even already have regular customers! We’ve been so overwhelmed by people’s excitement that we’ve been underestimating the numbers we need to make and are constantly throughout the day baking more! You guys are the best! 🙂

Marble Tulip Wedding Cake Navy Stripes Wedding Cake with Anemones

Also this month, like I mentioned before, wedding season started! YAY! Though it is always hectic, it is my favorite time of the year, because I get to do a LOT of what I love! Our team has been busy, busy, busy, and already I feel like we’ve made some of my favorite cakes of the year! We’ve been lucky this year with couples who are going for original and different designs, and it always reenergises us when we get to make something new!

Gold Moroccan Quarterfoil Rosette Sequin Cake Gold Moroccan Quarterfoil Rosette Sequin Cake

One of my favorite cakes this month was the buttercream cake below.  We were asked by MaisonPR to create something Paris themed for their Press Day.  We were allowed to do whatever we wanted, and Marieke and I (who strangely think exactly the same when it comes to cakes) came up with a drip design and of course some French macarons!  Marieke even beautifully painted some iconic images of Paris onto the macarons.  I am always so happy when we get the opportunity to be creative and our clients trust us enough to create something perfect for them!

Paris Macaron Drip Wedding Cake Paris Macaron Drip Wedding Cake

Another one of my favorite cakes for the month was this Vincent van Gogh inspired wedding cake!  I had been thinking about this one for months and wondering if I would be able to make my art school teachers proud, but once I got going, I was really enjoying myself!  It had been a long time since I painted, but this definitely brought me back to the days when I did this on a regular basis.  I throughly enjoyed myself with this cake and I hope more couples will get this adventurous, because it really is fun doing something out-of-the-box!

Starry Nights Vincent van Gogh Wedding Cake Starry Nights Vincent van Gogh Wedding Cake

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